Finding service information on Damixa’s mixer taps is now only a mouse click away. Most of the information on the products, such as spare part drawings, installation manuals, dimension drawings, etc. can be found under each product.   

By using the search function on the frontpage you can choose if you are looking for products within Kitchen or Bathroom. Then click into which ever range series you need information about. When you have found the product you are looking for, you will see a section over the product photo called "Technical Information". If you click on this it will show all the drawings and guides available for this specific product. It is possible either to view them directly on this page or download them.  

Important information!


If you as a private customer have a problem with a Damixa product, please contact the installer or the shop where it was bought. For further details please read the section on "Guarantee". See link below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
How long is the guarantee period for my product?

Answer 1:
Damixa guarantees the workmanship and quality of materials for 5 years. Please see our full Guarantee terms in the Technical menu of the website, under the title Guarantee.

Question 2:
My mixer tap does not seem to be working correctly, who can I contact and what should I do?

Answer 2:
There could be several reasons why your mixer tap does not work correctly – it could be due to incorrect installation.

It is always a good idea to contact the place where you bought your product. They will advise you about the guarantee and guide you about what to do next. Alternatively contact Croydex at

Question 3:
My shower only seems to be able to supply cold water, how can this be?

Answer 3:
This may be caused by debris or calcium deposits in the filters by the union connections. Sometimes these get blocked in new installations or if you are in a high calcium (lime scale) area. You can clean these filters and reinstall them. Refer to the installation guide on this website for information about how to do this for your particular product.

Question 4:
The spout on my tap seems to be a bit tight and it does not move very freely, what can I do?

Answer 4:
You can easily mobilize the spout again, if you grease the o-ring seals with a bit of silicon. Contact Croydex at or 01264 355881 to request a silicon pack.

Question 5:
I have installed my mixer tap, and it seems to be leaking. How can I solve this in an easy way?

Answer 5:
If it is a new product featured on this website, it would be advisable to contact Croydex at or return to the place where you purchased your product from. If the product is not featured on this website, please return to the place where you originally purchased the product.